What is the Speedheater System™?

The Speedheater System™ is an innovative method for removing paint and varnish from wood using infrared technology. This is a revolutionary paint removal method developed over a number of years in Sweden offered now for the first time in New Zealand.

Ideal for:

  • House exteriors
  • External Windows Frames
  • Removal of putty from windows
  • Internal Windows Frames
  • Architraves
  • Skirting boards
  • Furniture
  • Wooden boats
  • Interior and exterior doors

The main product in the range is the Speedheater 1100, complemented by a variety of accessories to make the paint removal process even easier. The Speedheater 1100 is silent, easy to use and environmentally friendly, reducing stripping time considerably. All the Speedheater products are made in Sweden using top quality components and workmanship.

How does it work?

The Speedheater 1100 uses infrared heat to remove most kinds of paint and varnish. Infrared heat is a low temperature deep heat that penetrates the wood, and draws the moisture and resins in the wood to the surface. This breaks the bond between the wood and the bottom layer of paint or varnish and enables the removal of multiple layers at a time. Unlike other paint removal methods (heat guns, chemical paint strippers etc) infrared heat does not damage to the wood surface and makes clean-up much easier.

The Speedheater 1100 heats the surface to be stripped in about 30-90 seconds. The paint or varnish bubbles up and separates from the wood. It can then be scraped off easily whilst heating up the next section. After stripping, the surface can be painted immediately.


Is it safe?

Infrared heat has a low operating temperature (100 – 200c) so it does not burn the wood or the paint like a heat gun. The chances of damaging the wood or accidentally starting a fire are greatly reduced.

It is because of this low operating temperature the Speedheater 1100 is safe to use on lead paint as no plumbic (lead) gases are released at this low temperature, unlike a heat gun.

The infrared heat the Speedheater 1100 uses only gives off as much radiation as produced by the embers of an open fire so it is a safe alternative.

Once removed the paint is dry and can be easily swept up for removal. There is no chemical residue like other methods so no messy clean up tasks afterwards.

What are the advantages of stripping using infrared?

The biggest advantage of using infrared heat is that you are able to use it to remove lead based paint. It is both cost effective and safe.

Infrared heat removes moisture and mildew from the wood, drawing moisture out during the stripping process. The woods natural resins are also drawn to the surface during the infrared process increasing the ability of the wood to withstand moisture.

Removing moisture from the wood creates a porous substrate and a tooth for the primer to grip on to. This extends the life of the new paint layer. Infrared heat opens the grain of the wood much more effectively than any other paint removal methods without damaging the wood.

By painting over old paint your new paint job is only as good as the bottom layer of paint, which could be 30, 50 or even up to 100 years old! By stripping back to the wood you can take advantage of modern paint technology and your paint job could last you up to 30 years. If you paint over old paint it will probably start flaking off after a couple of years. Remember no paint adheres better than the lowest layer.