“Thanks for having such a great product, it mad the job a whole lot easier”
Warwick Anderson, Christchurch, New Zealand


“We have been very happy with the Speedheater.  To us we couldn’t think of an alternative.  A heat gun was too risky on a century old house… Having your scraper shaped to suit the rusticated weatherboards has been a great help”

Murray Robertson, Wellington, New Zealand
(see a photo of the side of Murray’s house under “exteriors” in our project gallery)


“Many thanks for the hire of the I-Strip machine, which I ended up buying.  One of our major problems in prepping a painted surface is the removal of old unstable paint.  I tried the I-Strip machine against 3 chemical strippers and found it was by far the better method.  It was cleaner, faster and left the timber in a ready to prime stage.  It is great to be able to strip around glass without the worry of breaking or cracking the glass as can happen with a heat gun”

Mike Smith, Director North-South Painters Ltd, Auckland, New Zealand


“The tripod attachment and the slider that I purchased off you earlier this year have really made the job so much easier.  Virtually hands free!  Installation was a breeze, and assembly straight forward.  You have really put some thought into the construction of the slider”

Dave Gordon, Auckland, New Zealand
(see pictures of Dave’s exterior stripping renovation in our project gallery)


“Our 1950’s house is painted with a black lumpy coating which we think might be creosote.  It is impossible to sand off and treating the whole house with chemicals wasn’t something we were happy with…. when using the Speedheater we find the surface layer comes of very easily and the more ingrained material needs a good scraper to shift it”

Mrs Van Erkel, Christchurch, New Zealand
(see pictures in our project gallery)


“Taurus Painting and Decorating has been involved of the removal of lead based paint for a number of years.  We use various methods that follow OSH regulations, but always at a large expense to the customer.  On trying the Speedheater 1100 we found that lead paint could be removed without the danger of fumes, dust or excessive heat.  The paint was removed regardless of age, type or thickness requiring only a light sand to obtain a clean, unmarked weatherboard.  We will be using this method from now on”

Phil Gleeson – (Owner) Taurus Painting – Wellington, New Zealand


“We recently purchased a property that was in urgent need of some TLC.  We started on the windows as these were in the worst condition.  The Speedheater made easy work of the stripping and we were able to complete the job in a weekend – it was fantastic.”

Mr and Mrs Baum, Raumati Beach, New Zealand