Lead based paint

  • Lead based paint was used on homes in New Zealand up until 1980 and is difficult and expensive to remove safely.
  • The Speedheater System™ offers a safe and inexpensive solution to lead based paint removal for the DIY market, a task which until now has generally been undertaken by professionals because of the hazards involved.
  • The Speedheater System™ uses infrared heat to remove paint from wood.
  • It operates at a much lower temperature than a heat gun (100-200c compared to 500-1000c) and at this temperature lead fumes are not released.

Infrared paint removal

  • Infrared paint removal using the Speedheater System™ is a revolutionary new way to remove paint and varnish from wood.
  • Infrared heat is a deep penetrative heat that heats the wood, not just the paint as a heat gun does.
  • It breaks the bond between the lowest layer of the paint (or varnish) and the wood removing all layers at once.